Private Training Application

Diet & Health

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Sleeping and Resting

Exercise and Enrichment

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Dreamland Private Training Policy and Service Agreement

Dog Health Agreement: The Client ensures that their dog has been seen by a qualified veterinarian on the recommended schedule and that their dog is healthy and up to date on all vaccinations and preventative care deemed required by their veterinarian. During participation in programs with Dreamland Pet, The Client agrees to keep their dog up-to-date on vaccinations as recommended by their veterinarian.

Though it is not mandatory for participation, Dreamland Pet strongly encourages program participants to maintain adequate flea and tick control for their dog along with the Bordetella vaccination (kennel cough).

The Client will not attend any Dreamland Pet programs with a dog who is ill, injured, or who is suspected of being ill or injured in any way. Any illness, injuries, or suspected conditions that their dog may be experiencing or have been exposed to must be immediately disclosed. This includes but is not limited to lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, lack of appetite, fever, or dehydration.

Dog Suitability for Participation: The Client will disclose any fearful, aggressive or potentially unsafe details about their dog in advance of registration. Dreamland Pet and its representatives reserve the right to remove any dog from the program in the event the dog shows signs of excessive stress, discomfort, reactivity or presents a safety risk to other dogs or people.

Due to current legislation no pit bulls or pit bull type dogs (including american bulldogs and staffordshire terriers) are permitted in our programs at this time. Exceptions will be made for mix breed dogs that have an unknown heritage which may or may not include pit bull.

Photo and Video Release: The Client consents to the use of pictures, video, and/or basic information regarding their pet for the purposes of education or promotion of Dreamland Pet and related programs. Promotional media may include social media, website, video and posters.

Liability and Waiver

The Client assumes the risk of any damage, injury or death incurred to any person, minor, animal, or property as a result of their dogs participation in services conducted by or on behalf of Dreamland Pet and its representatives. Dreamland Pet/Jessica Ing will not be held liable for damage caused by any 3rd party, natural occurrence, faulty equipment or lack of maintenance.

The Client agrees to absolve and hold harmless Dreamland Pet, Jessica Ing, and any other parties associated with any service provided. The client will immediately inform Dreamland Pet of any changes that occur with the dog after the time of registration, whether related to behaviour, health, or otherwise.